For years, big fashion houses have been using inspiration from local cultures. Lately, this has turned into a global phenomenon, with names like Tory Burch, Valentino or Louis Vuitton presenting original traditional designs from all over the world as new items in their collections.

And right here in Romania, there are multiple examples. Just last year, Dior included a Romanian jacket from Bihor in their couture collection. And sold it for 30.000 euro.

While it makes sense for inspiration to happen, we think it’s a bit unfair that nothing returns in terms of money or even PR to the community that’s struggling to keep traditions alive. As a result, these traditions are dying.

So, in Romania, the very first steps are being taken.

Beau Monde, the fashion magazine with 100% original Romanian content, wants to step in and support authentic Romanian design.

Bihor Couture is an authentic Romanian brand with local craftsmen as designers. It was created to help local creators sell their clothes and continue their craft.

Take a look at some of the pieces from Bihor and be mindful that the majority of them take a lot of time to make- so they are only available on pre-order.

Good luck shopping the Romanian way!


From www.bihorcouture.com.

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