THE THIRD KEY, The Story of a Lost Realm
By Eugene Matzota

My latest book, ‘THE THIRD KEY, The Story of a Lost Realm’, on AMAZON…
Cea mai nouă carte a mea, pe AMAZON.

Jod was born in Oradea, in the Jewish community, beings later baptized as a Christian too.
As a bridge between two worlds, Jod is the Chosen One of a group that wants to save at least some of the Jews sent to Auschwitz.
A journey through time and hope.

THE THIRD KEY, The Story of a Lost Realm
The cover of my latest book:
THE THIRD KEY, The Story of a Lost Realm

The group includes Jews and Christians, men and women, living and dead. Those already dead appear to Jod at the same time as the living ones.
Before being declared the Chosen One, Jod is led, without realizing it, between worlds, between times. Each passage is always weirder than the one before.
Duchess, a very special kind of cat, is always with him.

Throughout his travels, Jod finds and collects key after key.
 When he reaches the third key, the group can then travel back in time to 1939, saving those Jews who had seen the danger by putting them on the last train to life.
Jod thus returns to where his journey through time began, as in an eternal return to his origins.

Is this the end or a new beginning?


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