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Armânii, fraţii noştri care pier Coperta_Intreaba4-001

Member of the Theosophical Society in Adyar, India, since 1997.

Author of another three books only in the field of Theosophy, two of them bearing the title ‘Theosophy’, in 1999 and 2009.

Another book with mostly theosophical questions and answers was published in 2011, after meeting his readers.

Eugen Matzota is a deep and multifaceted personality, engaged in many areas, believing that his mission in life is to provide knowledge to those seeking a way into transcendent.

His concern for the highest mystical aspiration is only an aspiration for higher spiritual knowledge attained by spiritual experience.

This quest for spirituality, originally started only with the naive desire if the impetuous adolescent who wants to know everything, has become his attitude to the world.


  1. 1995 – „DTP Guide”;

  2. 1999 – „Theosophy” – First Edition;

  3. 2009 – „Theosophy” – Second Edition;

  4. 2010 – „The Pain of You” – Love Poems;

  5. 2011 – „Ask, it Shall be Andswered!” – Q&A about Life, Universe, People;

  6. 2012 – „Aromanians History in Data”;

  7. 2013 – „Masonic Etiquette Code”;

  8. 2015 – „Masonry, my Discreet Life”;

  9. 2015 – „Masonic Etiquette In the New Millennium”;

  10. 2016 – „Romanians Vs. Aromanians?”;

  11. 2016 – „Theosophy” – Third Edition;

  12. 2016 – „Aromanians, our Brethren that Perish”;

  13. 2017 – „Theosophy, The Final Answer”;

  14. 2018 – „The Vanishing Aromanian”;

  15. 2018 – „The Blue of You”;

  16. 2018 – „The New Masonic Etiquette Code”;


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